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About us

India's first home grown Global ClaimsTech Hub.

Claims & Survey Settling Agency for Indian, APAC and MENA Stakeholders in Inland & International Trade.

CargoShakti is a unique solution that stands on foundation of more than 150 years of collective Experience, Indic Traditions and English Law and Practice to give a one stop solutions for :

  • Automated Claims.
  • Real Time Claims Dashboards and Statues.
  • Smart & Dynamic Survey Reports.
  • Customs Frauds, Maritime and Shipping Frauds Analytics.
  • Loss Prevention Reports
  • Mitigation and Litigation Supoprt in Alternate Dispute resolution in Gift City / Gujarat Maritime Arbitration Centres.

First ClaimsTech Solution of, by and for India: Inland and International Trade


Experience New Technology with us for:

  • Maximized profits.
  • Reduction in Increased value losses (Duties / Shipping) to Manufacturing / Trading costs.
  • Optimized “Customary Packaging” Costs.
  • Reduction in Theft and Fraud Losses.
  • Reduction in shortages and High Volume Low Value losses.

Join with us to experience Smart, Global, Standardized e-Survey Reports, Adjustment Reports and Liability Sheets.


Join Us for

  • Automated Loss Prevention & Minimization
  • Reduction in Loss to premium ratios
  • Reduction in Overheads and Survey Charges.
  • Maximized Underwriting Prudency
  • Manufacturing & Market linked material management
  • Reduction in Increased value losses
  • Reduced High Frequency Low Value Losses Below Rs. 2 Lacs
  • Automated Fraud Detections / Over Invoicing / Double Invoicing (anti-dumping cargoes), maritime frauds, AML for Customs / DRI and other regulators.

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Company Info

CIN Number: U72900MH2020PTC343884

StartupIndia DPIIT Reg. No:
DIPP66760 valid till 13/08/2030

  • Regd Office:
    C5-13, 0:4, Road 3, Sector 18, Cidco Colony, New Panvel East, Navi Mumbai, 410206.

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